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Since our graphic novels do not contain the 18+ extra stories, we occasionally collect those adult extras and make them available in print form! Each minibook is intended to be a compendium to go alongside TOY Volumes 1-5 in print.

The extra stories from Volumes 1 & 2 are combined into ONE minibook, and contain the following stories: LOVE BITES, 4AM, SHOES OFF, BACKSTAGE

Volume 3’s minibook contains the following stories: BOYFRIEND, DON’T SHARE, HALLOVERSARY, PULL OVER

Volume 4’s minibook contains the following stories: EMPTY FLAT, WITH COFFEE, HANG OUT, ENOUGH FRENCH

Volume 5’s minibook contains the following stories: BRACE YOURSELF, SELF CARE, CAN’T LOOK

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Each minibook is a collection of the adult extra comics in print, spanning all extra comics that take place alongside Volumes 1-5 of Tripping Over You, print edition. Each minibook is printed in full color.

This product is only available in our store for a limited time, and has very limited stock!

This book contains explicit sexual material. Please order only if you are 18 or older.

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