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Tripping Over You (Complete)

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Milo Dunstan, an energetic theater kid, falls for his withdrawn classmate, Liam Schwartz.

Despite being unlikely friends, Milo and Liam strike up a mutual understanding of each other, as both feel like misfits in their London-based boarding school.

Their friendship develops into a secret relationship that becomes difficult to hide – especially once they leave school, and their university and career prospects begin to pull them in different directions.

Living in Future Tense

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Our newest webcomic, and a sequel to Tripping Over You. Expect spoilers for TOY, as this story begins after a timeskip between the two comics!

Sylvia has worked as an actress and model nearly her entire life; she’s become a rising star over the last year after landing a breakthrough lead role in a television series. The show has been filming its highly anticipated second season, but unfortunately, Sylvia has incurred major injuries in a dire set malfunction.

Milo and Liam visit Sylvia in the hospital after this sudden emergency.

Take it From the Top!

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Kenzie and Jude work for KNOCK OUT STUDIOS, a rising dance company in LA.

Kenzie, a talented dancer on the grind, intends to hustle himself to the top of the company. Jude has dance come easy to him; he can’t stop pulling the pageant, even when he’s not paying attention.

Both young men are in a race to see who can outperform the other, and they’re both winning. Or losing. Or getting distracted. They can’t explain it; it’s a complicated, rival-with-benefits sort of thing.