Print Edition: TOY Vol. 6


Tripping Over You: Vol. 6 contains chapters 17-21, as well as additional between-chapters content, from the webcomic TRIPPING OVER YOU.

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Growing up is an awkward waltz. Attempting that dance with a partner is impossible to get right without good communication.

Milo and Liam met and began dating in boarding school. In time, they shared their once closeted relationship with friends and family. They moved in together, made a home, and learned to support each other. Now, the question of each young man’s career plans has been raised. They must answer each other: are our futures moving in the same direction?

The final volume of Tripping Over you, Volume 6, contains chapters 17 through 21 of the completed webcomic: a love story¬†about Milo and Liam’s improvised waltz.

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